Wellness Reminders


It seems like common sense, right? Follow the advice of your Doctor and take your prescription as directed… However medication errors in the US are estimated to account for at least 7,000 deaths  and over 770,000 injuries per year. The US Department of Health and Human Services indicates that 55% of elderly people fail to comply or do not follow their MD instructions for taking prescribed medications. Non-compliance in medication regimens can result in increased use of medical resources such as nursing homes, hospitals, doctor office visits, and unnecessary treatmentsnot to mention the lost revenue from your company.

Most common forms of non-compliance are:

  • Overuse or abuse
  • Forgetting medications
  • Alteration of schedules and doses

A recent study by the Center for Connected health found that text messaging patients to remind them of their medication schedule improved prescription compliance by 72%. Let our friendly staff show you how we can assist your organization in setting up a program.

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Health Tips

Nowadays, it’s all about improving patient outcomes. Use MultiMinder’s text messaging services to send health tips, encouraging notes, and nutrition tips. A recent USC study found that text messaging health tips decreased blood glucose levels in patients seen in the emergency room for obesity related issues.

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Follow Up Surveys

Ever wanted to make sure your patients are happy with the service you provide? Like most of us, you and your staff are too busy to call every patient after their appointment. Also, your patients are probably too busy to talk to you as well. Sample text message question is the quickest and easiest way to gather valuable patient opinions about how you and your team are doing. Responses can be forwarded to your email for your convenience.

Rather than guessing how you’re doing, why not try MultiMinder and find out? Let our friendly staff show you how.

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