Getting Started

Why send text message appointment reminders?

Firstly text messages get read. In fact, 98% of text messages are read versus 23% of emails. Secondly, it’s your client’s preference.  Text messages are preferred 4 to 1 email and 3 to 1 to a call by your staff, and 12 to 1 over a professionally recorded voice message.

Can we set up multiple accounts for each provider and location?

Yes, we have many account set up options. Our friendly staff will assist you in setting up one or many accounts based on your needs. 

Does everyone have a cell phone with text messaging?

Yes, in 2012, cell phone reached 100% penetration in the United States, meaning anyone that owns a cell phone has already purchased one.

How do we get started?

Contact our friendly customer service at 720-608-8733 or info@multiminder.com and we will assists in setting up your account, customizing the message, and reviewing your appointment schedule.


Is MultiMinder compatible with my Practice Management Software?

Yes, MultiMinder is compatible with all Practice Management Software.

Using MultiMinder

How do I send my appointment calendar to MultiMinder?

3 easy steps. Simple create an appointment report in your practice management software. Second, save or print the report as an Excel, CSV, or Text file. Lastly, use our secure website to send your appointment schedule to us. Our friendly staff is here to help along the way.

How do I know the text messages were sent?

MultMinder sends you a report when the order is processed. You may go to our website and view the status of your order. 

When are the reminder texts sent?

You may schedule your messages to be sent any time. If you schedule them for ASAP, they will start within 20 minutes or receipt due to processing.   

Why does my message have a help and/or an opt-out option?

It’s customary and polite to offer those options. 

What happens if someone opts-out?

There number will be placed on a block list, not to be contacted again. 


Is MultiMinder HIPAA compliant?

Yes. MultiMinder will be a business associate of a covered entity under HIPAA. The Privacy Standards under HIPPA permit a covered entity to contact its patients regarding appointments. Also, the covered entity does not need written permission from the patient.

Does MultiMinder require a long term contract?

No. We would like to earn your business for the long term.