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Decrease No-Shows, Happier Patients & Staff

  • You worked hard to get an appointment, us MultiMinder to keep it
  • Increase revenues 34%
  • Less need to double book, decrease waiting room times
  • Text preferred 3 to 1 over staff calls, 4 to 1 over email 12 to 1 over automated voice
  • Text is viewed as most respectful of one’s time
  • Stay busier, run more efficiently
  • Reduce staff interruptions
  • Free up phone lines for inbound calls

Increase Patient Engagement

  •  Health tips and advice keeps your name in front of your patients
  • Patient contact increases positive outcomes
  • Increase medication compliance with prescription reminders
  • Healthier outcomes with patient communications

Gather Customer Feedback from Customer

  • Singular or multiple questions
  • Post appointment or surgery
  • Multiple messages over a time period can be sent

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Customized Messages & Robust Platform

  • Reminders include optional provider name, location and instructions
  • Multiple customizable programs
  • Online reports
  • Text forwarding,

Low Cost to Get Started

  • No equipment to purchase
  • No software to download
  • Minimal training
  • No long term contracts
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